SEO Techniques

10 Simple but Highly Effective SEO Techniques to Boost Your Site’s Ranking

SEO is a critical tool for any webmaster or business owner looking to increase their visibility and draw more traffic to their site. 96% of consumers reportedly use search engines like Google to find services and products, so you need to get on those results pages if you want a share of that traffic!

And the good news is that SEO needn’t be hard. Actually a number of SEO techniques and strategies are very easy and can be implemented in no time at all with no technical knowledge necessary. Read on for 10 simple techniques that will give you a big boost in visibility.

1 Have a Site Map

A site map is a page on your website or blog that shows users how to find all the other pages that they might be interested in/want access to. This is a useful tool because it helps visitors to find the content they want and because it gives Google a single place it can check to index all the content on your site.

2 Link Out to Other Sites

In bound links are important yes, but these days it’s also important to link out to other pages from time to time. This helps to make your content look in-depth and valuable in the eyes of Google and it also helps to establish the topic of your site. Finally, it means that when you link to a page of your own or a site that you’re publishing guest posts on, it won’t look like you’re just doing it for link juice.

3 Sign Up to Google+

Google+ is already a very important tool for any webmaster or blogger that wants to promote their work and is only likely to become more integral to SEO as time goes on. Google+ is Google’s own attempt at a search engine and thus they are taking it seriously. Create a profile and make a page for your site then start sharing your published content to your Circles.

4 Add Authorship

Google+ also allows you to add authorship to your articles and posts. This lets users see right in the SERPs that an article is written by you and give them access to your Google+ page. This will win you brownie points with Google but it will also make your listings in the SERPs look more professional and more eye-grabbing.

5 Use Plus One Buttons

Finally, Google+ will let you use plus-one buttons on your site which means that other users can also share your content. This way anyone in their circles will also be more likely to see your site in their personalised search results.

6 Use WordPress or Professional Web Design

If you’re just starting to build your site or want to give it an overhaul and want a rapid development tool and a great content management system that will be SEO-friendly right out of the box, then you really can’t go wrong with WordPress. It’s a tried and tested way to build a website that will make life much simpler for you.

The other option if you want an even more professional looking site again without the hassle is to use a web design service. Home-made sites just don’t compare.

7 Write Compelling Content, Regularly

The very best type of in-bound link is the one that someone posted for you without you having to ask. To get your visitors to promote your site for free this way you need what’s known as ‘link bait’. Essentially this means writing lots of compelling content that people might actually want to share.

8 Interviews and Surveys

If you want to write content that is highly sharable by nature then you should consider getting interviews with well-known subjects or conducting surveys that get interesting data. These will draw attention to your site and be highly quotable.

9 Use Google Analytics

To see which of your techniques are working and which need more attention you need to make sure you are getting detailed and accurate metrics. Google Analytics will let you do this and is completely free to use. There’s no excuse for not having it!

10 Guest Posts

Perhaps the most talked-about SEO technique at the moment is guest posting. This means writing posts for other well-known blogs and giving them away for free in exchange for a link back to your site. This way you can get your links onto high profile blogs for maximum visibility and authority!