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5 Best Website Optimization Tools

The rich number of existing websites on the internet’s vast online space requires every website to provide a competent system to keep them up. With a lot of options available where online customers can choose from, the competition among websites intensifies. The goal is to be on top so that a website is given a higher chance to get clicked first. Now, it’s the search engine that ranks all websites online. And for a search engine to prioritize you, your website needs to get optimized.

Website optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is an internet marketing strategy of manipulating your site ranking in the search engine’s unpaid results list. A higher site ranking in the results list is important because it means that you are closer to the potential customers. Moreover, the more your website appears in the results list is equivalent to more site visitors and this means that you have a higher chance to convert these site visitors into your customers.

Website optimization monitors how the search engines work. It looks over what online customers usually search for to know the right keywords and terms. Search Engine Optimization not only focuses on written content but may also include image, video, news and industry-specific search. Moreso, SEO considers which search engines are preferred by the customers. But of course, all of these don’t happen just like that.

Pulling your SEO ranking up and maintaining it is a great challenge. What you need is to have the best website optimization tools to ensure your first-page spot. So, what are the best website optimization tools to make your website ahead of the rest? Here are our top five best tools for website optimization.

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1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner provides statistics and researches of the most searched keywords. This website optimization tool will help you find new keywords which are relevant to your website’s content, items, services and online customers. With Google Keyword Planner’s list of keywords and their search volumes, you will be able to decide which keywords to use for a more effective and competent search engine optimization strategy. Not only this tool for website optimization will help you formulate keywords, its keywords results will also serve as suggestions and your basis for a higher site ranking in the search engine like Google. As you can critically and strategically plan what keywords to use, you’re already a step closer to elevate your Google ranking and maintaining your SEO ranking with the use of relevant keywords.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is another way to increase and maintain your SEO ranking. This tool for website optimization will allow you to monitor the most searched keywords of different topics and terms and how the search volumes changes. This website optimization tool will also allow you to see where your market is heading—or know what is trending— as you monitor the changes in the search query behaviors. Google Trends can be a competent website optimization tool because the trends will direct you to what the customers are currently into at a specific period of time. Now, this will boost your SEO strategy because you will be able to give what the potential customers are looking or searching for. With this, your site ranking is pulled up to its maximum potential.

3. Google Analytics

website optimization toolsGoogle Analytics is a helpful website content optimization tool because it will help you understand the online activities of site visitors and how these visitors interact with your site. This website optimization tool tracks website traffic. Google Analytics is one of the best website optimization tools because it allows you to monitor your numbers. And from these numbers, you will be able to monitor the online performance of your website and know if you need to do a more critical planning and strategizing to improve your site ranking for you to maintain your SEO ranking.

4. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl is another tool for website optimization that goes over the deepest level of a website such as subpages or deep links to gather and provide information. This comprehensive website optimization tool categorizes information through exploration of the site, validation of content, and indexation. Deep crawl is another way to maintain SEO ranking because it detects technical issues that may be preventing a website from having a higher site ranking or better visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPS. With this tool, you will be able to fix existing technical issues for a better online performance to elevate your site ranking.

5. Google and Bing

Google and Bing search engines can be a useful tool for website optimization. For you to master search engine optimization and have a higher site ranking, you have to master how the search engines themselves work. With an effective searching method or search magic, you will be able to examine indexation and duplicate content, look for content scrapers, check the rankings of keywords, analyze the search engine results pages listings, and scout for link targets. In optimizing a website, it’s not only the website optimization tools that you have to consider. You also have to consider and master these widely used search engines for a higher Google ranking and Bing ranking. To sum it up, for you to know how to maintain your SEO ranking, you must also know how the search engines operate.