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5 Most Common SEO Mistakes Businesses Make Promoting Their Website

When it comes to creating the most effective online presence to build your business, there’s no doubt you may hit a few bumps in the road on your way to success. SEO is a powerful tool that can help you grow your business exponentially. But making the wrong moves can significantly damage your business’ reputation and your potential for online growth. And you can easily fall victim to the most common SEO mistakes most businesses make.

SEO is a process that takes time, hard work, and dedication. But many businesses put their best foot forward in all three of these areas and still don’t see any progress. While you don’t want to waste all your time and resources on the wrong SEO strategies, there’s a more significant reason you should avoid these common SEO mistakes most businesses make promoting their website.

Implementing SEO the wrong way can damage your ranking and your online reputation. Many of these common mistakes are worse for your business than doing no SEO work at all. And, in most cases, they don’t just damage your reputation. Putting in all that work only to find out your damaged your business’ online reputation can instantly deflate your enthusiasm.

Let’s explore some of the most common SEO mistakes. We’ll help you learn from others’ mistakes and get you started on the right foot as you begin your SEO journey and enhance your business.

1.         Overusing Links and Linking to Irrelevant Content

Embedding relevant links into your website content is an effective way to build your brand. When it comes to adding links within your website, the right strategy is to find balance. Your overall goal to avoid this common SEO mistake of ineffectively implementing links is to think quality over quantity.

Embedded links should be varied. While it’s great to choose a high-profile blog to reference, it’s not always effective to redirect readers to the “big shots” of online content. Links should be varied from multiple different resources and be added to your content in a way that feels natural to your readers. Google standards are set in place to make search engines as useful as possible to users.

As the leader of search engines, Google is always one step ahead of businesses who rely on them for success. So, they make it difficult for businesses to create more traffic by playing games with content. If you begin to throw up red flags when it comes to link building, Google will pick up on it faster than you could have ever imagined.

If top search engines think you are playing games with your link building, they will penalize your website and black list you for link manipulation. Varying your links and including effective references in your content will keep you in the top search engines’ good graces and help sustain your ranking through Google’s always changing algorithms. Mix it up and you’ll be set for success.

2.         Ignoring the Importance of Social Media

Social media only recently gained its powerful reputation as a positive influence on your business’ credibility. While its rise is fairly recent, social media has quickly become a crucial element to your online success. Having a consistent and effective social media marketing strategy is a critical part of your online success. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram are leading many businesses to thriving success and creating social networks that unify your business and your customers. Embracing the importance of social media can have a major impact if you want to increase your reach.

3.         Failing to Engage with Your Audience

A major part of effectively building your brand is highlighting your strengths. It’s okay to do a bit of bragging, but you shouldn’t do it to a point where your audience gets annoyed. You should also avoid making it obvious that you are trying to build your brand. An example of one of the most common SEO mistakes in trying to engage your audience is repeatedly posting your links on your social media networks. While sometimes your audience may not engage, remaining consistent can open the door to effective engagement.

Effective engagement involves meaningful comments, appropriate discussions, and organic sharing. You want your audience to pay attention to the content you are delivering. When you deliver relevant content consistently, but without overdoing it, your audience will be more likely to pay attention to the message you are trying to deliver. Your goal should be to get viewers to click on your links, like your posts, comment, and most importantly, sharing your information.

4.         Failing to Create Value

Effective SEO is a science and digital marketing professionals work very hard to create a strategy that will bring your business growth and success. Ultimately, success comes when you create an online presence that brings value to your business. Your goal should be to create a website that people want to visit. When your viewers become excited about your online presence, they are more likely to not only engage in your information, they are likely to bring more visitors to your website through word of mouth. When you create value, you build your base of followers. When you build your base of followers, your business will begin to thrive.

Another of the most common SEO mistakes businesses find themselves making is failing to create an attractive, organized, and well-designed website that delivers engaging content and captivates the audience. When you do this, you will watch the number of visitors climb steadily.

5.         Not Enlisting the Help of an SEO Professional

We have said it multiple times and you will hear us say it again as you follow our tips and tricks to enhancing your online presence and building your business-SEO is a science. For most people, trying to save money leads to the last of our common SEO mistakes. SEO is not a DIY job. Avoiding hiring an SEO professional will not only waste your money, it’ll take time away from promoting your brand in other ways that are more effective.

While you should understand SEO to a certain degree, and even learn some ways you CAN help your strategy, leave the tough stuff to the pros. Your business results, growth, and monthly reports will show that you get a significant return on your investment. So, professional SEO work will not only pay for itself, it will make you money in the long run.

Common SEO Mistakes We Didn’t Want to Mention

Among the most common SEO mistakes are following the trends of the past. As the internet picked up steam years ago, there were much different methods set in place to get your business to the top. Marketing professionals would post hundreds of articles to content farms to get your name out there. They would also write keyword-stuffed content that was difficult and even painful to read. This is a HUGE “no-no” when it comes to today’s SEO practices.

Outside of the fact that search engines have drastically changed the way SEO works, these old practices throw up red flags when search engines are considering where you’ll rank in the search results. If you are still practicing these old-school methods, it’s time you fast forward to 2018 and hop on the SEO bus that will keep your business up to speed.

Well there you have it! One of the best ways to dodge failure is to learn from your mistakes. We’re giving you a head start so you can learn from others mistakes and steer clear of anything but successful business growth. When you avoid these common SEO mistakes businesses make when it comes to promoting their website, you will make the most of your time and money. Let’s face it, guys! We all want to get the most for our money and see fast results. If only the other aspects of life were as easy as we’re making your SEO website promotions!