Learn Web Designing

81 Ways to Learn Web Designing

81 Ways to Learn Web Designing

I’m sure you must have seen people reading books and writing code at Starbucks. Makes you feel stupid, doesn’t it? You won’t admit it, but you want to be a part of that cool and hip IT crowd. Honestly, who wouldn’t? Web designing is a useful skill to possess and if you know web designers, then you’ll also know that they make a lot more money than you do. No wonder they can afford expensive Macbooks and pretend to be busy at the local Starbucks. I hate those pretentious people. Well, you know what they say, if you can’t beat them, then join them.

Web designing isn’t exactly rocket science. You could become a web designer in a matter of weeks. There are a lot of web tutorials available for people like you and me. No one really learns these things in school anyway. They learn it on the internet, the best school there ever was. You don’t even need to Google anything, because I’ve already compiled a list of websites, Youtube channels and apps to help you learn web designing. Now you too can be an architect of the World Wide Web. So, without further delay, let me show you 81 Ways to learn web designing:


w3schools – One of the most popular sites on the web to learn web development. It is used by beginners and professionals alike.

Team Tree House – Not only will you learn web designing here, but you’ll also help someone else learn it. Buy a gold account and a public school student receives one too.

webdesign.tutsplus – It has innovative tutorials to help you learn web design, photography, motion graphics and much more.

HTML Dog – Easy to learn tutorials for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Developer Drive – A blog dedicated to web developers.

Axure – Axure can help you create prototypes of websites and apps without the need for coding.

Web Courses Bangkok – Courses such as web development, photography and online marketing are available here.

IBDE – A great place to learn web design through distance learning. It even collaborates with Selkirk College.

Website Design Mojo – Angela Wills of Marketers Mojo offers WordPress training.

Learnable – Learnable offers web design and app development courses.

Bentobox – Bentobox doesn’t just provide courses, it also tells you what to learn.

Killer PHP – A step by step guide to learn PHP with the help of video tutorials.

Skill Feed – A tube site to learn web design, programming, photography and much more.

E Classes – E Classes provides certified courses for web design and programming. They have also trained employees for the NSA and Microsoft.

Udacity – Udacity teaches you web development and programming by helping you create interesting projects.

Thinkful – Thinkful provides one-on-one mentorship that helps you learn web design effectively.

Front Range Web Lab – Front Range is a community college that offers a web development boot camp.

Webvanta – Webvanta provides free courses for web designing and mobile development.

Grenadi – Learn web design and graphic design at the Grenadi school of design.

Deltamac – Part-time and full-time web development courses are available here.

Remote Course – It’s an e-learning platform that provides online courses for web design and app development.

Agi Training – The American Graphics Institute provides web design and Adobe courses.

Sliderule – Easily find the course you are looking for by searching all major universities & providers with a single click.

Websites for Beginners:

Don’t worry, if you find these websites a tad bit difficult to understand, then we have other websites for beginners as well. Once you’ve completed your basic training here, you can move onto more advanced concepts of web designing. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. Here are a few websites for beginners:

Easy HTML Code – This is a website that teaches you the basics of HTML and CSS.

The Site Wizard – The Site Wizard has articles on various topics related to web design, such as ‘How to make money from your website’.

Website Setup Guide – The basics of setting up a website and hosting it.

Don’t Fear the Internet – A video blog designed for non-web designers.

Sessions Web Design Certificate Program – Sessions College provides web design and graphic design courses to students.

Web Design from Scratch – Ben Hunt shares free articles and tutorials on web design.

Teach Yourself Websites – It provides a free online web design course that includes video tutorials.

Pega Web – A site featuring web design and Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

Credit: Pedro Vera – Flickr

Learn Web Design Online:

If the above websites have vetted your appetite for learning web design, you can feed it further by devouring some of the amazing articles listed below.

5 Ways to Learn Web Design Which is Right for You

Learning Web Design: 82 Resources to Get You Started

HTML Tutorial: Learn to Design a Website Using HTML

Web Designing Basics: HTML & CSS

Web Design with HTML & CSS for Beginners Training Course

Learn Web Development at School of Webcraft

Learn Web Development Boot Camp

Creative Live Web Design Boot Camp

Dreamweaver CC Essential Training

Creating a Responsive Web Design


25 Web Design Tips to Honour 25 Years of the Web – Cheryl Conner gives you 25 web designing tips to commemorate 25 years of the web.

5 Killer Web Design Tips that Will Make Your Life Easier – 5 simple tips to make your web pages look better.

Web Design Training

Be Online Inc

Web Design Courses for Kids



The easiest way to learn something is to read a book. It’s a shame that people don’t read much these days. If they did, their level of conversation would be much higher. There are a lot of books available for web designing. And if you have a Kindle, then you can read these books in their digital form as well. Here are a few books that you can learn from:

Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to (X)HTML, StyleSheets and Web Graphics

CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

Web Design for Beginners

The Nature of Code

Design Your Imagination: Free Web Design Ebook

Designing for the Web

Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty

HTML & CSS: Design & Build Websites

Web Style Guide

JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual

Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

Website Design Guide for Private & Business Users: Introductory Concepts & Techniques Demystified for Beginners


Credit: Jonsson – Flickr


If reading isn’t your thing, then perhaps watching videos is. You can learn web designing by watching YouTube videos as well. So here are a few to help you along:

Beginner Web Design – A web design series aimed at beginners, covering everything from the concept to the design.

HTML Website Design Tutorials for Beginners – Short and to the point videos about web design provided by Edz Johnson.

BeginnerTutsdotcom – Video tutorials for HTML and CSS.

How to Design a Website – A ‘How to’ guide to design a website.

PHP Tutorials – This channel offers PHP tutorials for beginners.

1st Web designer – It provides a lengthy and in-depth look at web design.

Web Design Tutorials – A playlist of web design tutorials by Brandon Parker.

Edz Johnson – Edz Johnson’s official channel.

Macaw – A tutorial for the web design tool Macaw.

Massive Web Design Tutorial in Photoshop – Wed design tutorial for Photoshop users.

Creare Group – Web design and graphic design tutorial by the Creare group.


Credit: Scott Akerman – Flickr


There’s an app for just about everything these days, so why shouldn’t there be apps for web designing as well? You’ll be able to create sophisticated websites with the help of these apps:

Launchlist Pro – Perfect for website testing prior to launch.

Layers – Layers is a painting app that exports PSD files. It can be useful to create website content.

M.dot – Allows iPhone users to create mobile websites.

SEO Pro Lite – This is an app that helps you with the SEO of your website.

Domain Apps – Start monetizing on your domain name with Domain Apps.

Ego – View all your website statistics in one place with Ego.

Adobe Edge Animate CC – Adobe’s innovative application that helps you create interactive content for your website.

AndFTP – AndFTP is an Android app that helps you manage your FTP servers.

Joooid – This is the Android version of Joomla, a powerful web design tool. It’s perfect for creating blogs.

WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite – An HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript editor for web designing.


Finally, you have an opportunity to learn web designing for yourself, or should I say opportunities. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort compiling these links, so you can benefit from them. Don’t let my hard work go to waste. It would be a shame not to learn web designing when there are 80 ways available.