User Interaction Hacks

Boost Your SEO Performance With These User Interaction Hacks!

When it comes to boosting SEO performance, user experience is increasingly important and your site must continually satisfy and engage the user. The key to doing that is to measure user interaction signals, analyze them and act upon your analysis. Do note that the word “hacks” is being used loosely and they are more of ethical and actionable optimizations everyone can implement to reach their SEO goals.

Create a sense of urgency

If you do not create a sense of urgency and actively prompt users to interact with you and your product, you will quickly fall by the wayside. Try not to use passive language in your site’s copy. Try using more focused and urgent copy to encourage users to make an immediate purchase.

You can consider suggesting that a product or service you are trying to promote and sell is running out, and the user will end up missing out if they do not purchase in time. Try to stick with short timeframes and suggest that there are only limited stocks.

Ensure that the metadata and copy is up-to-date as you do not want your customers to find out that the “limited time offer” still exists a month later. Stuck with ideas? Try “Summer Sale Ends Soon” or “Register before March for a Free Gift!”

Use clear call-to-actions

When you write a call-to-action, you will want to ensure that it gets the user to act in a certain way. In most cases, it should be about making a purchase. If you metadata lacks a call-to-action, it will be hard for users to click through your site and you might lose out to your competitors who implemented action-focused metadata.

The key to having a great call-to-action is to use a simple, focused verb. It does not take up a lot of space and will significantly increase your click through rate. Your call-to-action does not always have to be explicitly focused on a result. You can encourage your customers to speak to you regarding a claim today or call your company’s representatives today.

Employ emotive language

Studies have shown that emotion is a key motivator in the buying process. If used correctly, it can really boost your engagement levels. The goal is to tap into your customer’s emotions and desires, and present your content and product in a way that resonates for them.

Take a step back and think about your customer base. This will give you great insight into how you should present your products. For instance, there is a variety of reason to be searching for chocolate. These people may be looking for great chocolate products to satisfy their cravings as a chocoholic or finding out more about new chocolate product that’s on the market. Instead of telling potential customers of your company size and profitability, try to stay more relevant by constructing a mental image of what their life would be like with your product.

Make use of your brand’s benefits and USPs

If you do not make your users aware of your brand’s unique selling points (USPs), it will be hard for you to stand out in the ever-competitive business landscape. Even if your product or service isn’t exactly unique to the marketplace, other elements such as same day consultation and free deliveries can make a positive difference.

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