Long Tail Keywords

Do You Know How To Capitalize On Long Tail Keywords?

Compared to their short counterparts, long tail keywords are much more specific in nature and often contain keyword phrases of more than three words. Although you may be tempted to think that general keywords are what you are actually selling, you also need to know that those general short keywords receive much more competition than what you can handle.

Customers today are much more experienced in doing searches online and that’s why they know that to help them find a certain product, service or business, they need to key in longer keywords to find the best matched results. That’s why it’s important that you capitalize on long tail keyword for your online marketing campaign. Here’s a look at some useful tips that can help you use long tail keywords to your advantage:

Understanding your purpose

Just like most things in life, it’s always good to know what you want to achieve before taking any action. For example, are you trying to use long tail keywords in titles to capture attention from your readers? Or are you trying to target users to sign up for your mailing list? Once you understand your purpose, you will be able to naturally use long tail keywords in the content you create for your website.

Understanding your audience

It’s not enough just to know what you want. What your audience wants is the next important thing you have to figure out. If you can successfully think like your audience, then you will know what appeals to them and subsequently create ideal long tail keywords properly. One of the ways you can know what your customers want is by pretending to be one yourself – create different buyer personas and use different factors to differentiate these personas. These include purchasing power, age group, and their concerns. For example, if you are targeting a young demographic group, the long tail keywords have to be infused into a language they will use.

Use software to help you

In this technological age, it’s a disadvantage to you if you do not utilize useful software to help you for your online marketing campaigns. To help you find out about useful long tail keywords that you can use in your content for your website, you can use the many keyword software out there. One of the most commonly used software is Google’s Keyword Planner. This software can help you generate lists after lists of most appropriate keywords which you can choose from after looking at the traffic each keyword receives in search engine searches. What you will discover is that while you think most people are searching for “body shapers”, they might be searching for “Kim Kardashian nude color body shapers instead” so this will help you explore better content while infusing in long tail keywords.

Use long tail keywords in titles

Once you know what kinds of long tail keywords you should use, you should always create interesting and attention-grabbing titles for your content with the long tail keywords right inside the title. Google will always scan this part of your content first so by having the exact long tail keywords inside your title, this can help your content tank better for searches that your potential customers are conducting, leading them to lead on your website.

As you can see, it’s not hard for you to capitalize on long tail keywords and by following these simple tips, you will be on your way to attracting your targeted audience to your site!