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How Does SEO And Content Marketing Overlap?

When it comes to SEO and content marketing, many people have got it wrong when it comes to understanding their connections. You may have the impression that they are two very different things, but the truth is, they go together, work well together and simply overlap.

Just imagine that SEO and content marketing are two circles. One is on the left and the other on the right. Now, imagine the right circle (content marketing) moving towards and over the left; now SEO is starting to look like a crescent. That’s how much they overlap each other. Before we proceed to discuss further how they come together, do note that there is still this elemental contrast: content marketing is more holistic and covers a broader range while SEO is more technical and narrower.

Content marketing is content that one sees and interacts with. SEO demands content

Simply put, SEO cannot work without content. SEO needs verbiage, keywords, substance, articles and words to exist. As always, content is king. With that in mind, content marketing is all about content and the practical application of SEO is one aspect of content marketing.

Content marketing introduces back links while SEO demands them

To ensure continual SEO success, one must create and publish stellar content through content marketing. Only then one can proceed to build links by contracting with a reputable link building agency. When you provide killer content to the masses, and it is something worth linking to, your audience will automatically link back, and that’s why content marketing is an indispensable element to any SEO component.

Content marketing implies strategic keyword usage while SEO always needs them

Keywords are fundamental components of SEO that require proper utilization and research, and tracking how they rank in the SERPs. If you are wondering how does one apply the use of keywords, and how can all the research be funneled into its practical application, the answer you seek is content marketing. It is the only you can use your targeted keywords; by employing them with sound strategy throughout top-notch content.

Great UX is required by content marketing. Onsite technical optimization is one of SEO’s demands

You should note that SEO is more than just links, keywords and writing/publishing blog articles. Things can get technical and they include anything from sitemaps, tags, metadata enhancement to robots.txt and more. In addition, all these technical enhancements need to be applied while considering the user experience (UX) perspective so that your content can be easily found and accessed. You can now understand how these technical elements are tangentially related to content marketing.

Content marketing is consistent and SEO expects consistent output

Evergreen content gets rapidly indexed because Google loves it, and that’s why it can register higher in the SERPs. When there’s consistent output of content, there’s good SEO. When there’s good SEO, it means you are doing content marketing correctly. Also, content marketing requires ongoing action. There is no stopping. There you go. Another way that SEO and content marketing has converged again!

If you are trying to make sense of SEO and content marketing on your own, you can really get lost in translation. That’s why you will need help from an agency who understand both these concepts well. Talk to us today if you want the best SEO and content marketing services at great prices.