SEO Taking Effect

How Long Do You Need To Wait For SEO To Take Effect?

Many people in this digital age tend to ask “How long will it take to get my keywords ranking in first place?” If you have this thought in mind, it’s time to put that aside. Because it is pertinent to note that there is no one keyword (or even a group) that is the “golden keyword” that will drive a lot of traffic to your website.

If you continue to focus only on a small group of generic keywords, chances of you being found by people who are searching for you are pretty low. One of the biggest reasons why this is happening is that today’s new SEO is mostly driven by natural language search. People are becoming increasingly used to performing searches in the form of questions – not just two or four keywords. Also, rather than typing one’s searches in, more people are opting for Siri or Google Now. Now that the common misconception has been exposed, let’s move on the real question you should be asking.

The one question everyone should be asking

Now that you know how the SEO game has changed, the real question you should be asking is “How long will it take for SEO to take effect and help me generate more sales and leads?” Yes, it is a fact that everyone wants more sales and leads from their SEO efforts rather than just high rankings in the SERPs.

Answer: it depends…

OK, this is a little frustrating but it is the truth. But do take heart that SEO results can start showing after four to six months on average. Also, remember that SEO results grow over time so after those months are when you see start seeing results. To help you understand better about what’s going to happen within those months, here is a simple breakdown over the course of six months:

Month no. 1

Assuming that your web design is done properly, the first month is usually about planning, keyword strategizing, website audits and more research and discovery. If you can complete the R&D phase quickly, you can begin making technical changes to your website.

Month no. 2

The technical SEO work begins and you or your provider will modify the website based on results from site audits. Other SEO activities taking place during this month also includes, building fresh content and working on link profiles. If the site needs to be overhauled, it can take months to complete.

Month no. 3

The main content creation phase: provision of company information, whitepapers, FAQ creation, blogging and more. If everything goes smoothly and you are within budget, you may start seeing your ranking improve by the end of this month.

Month no. 4

This sees the continuation of month three’s work, followed by developing a healthy link profile and the technical optimization of the website. If you notice a marked increase in areas such as lead generation, it’s a good sign that SEO is working.

Month no. 5

This phase involves the amplification of content to increase direct traffic to your website. Well, in other words, the start of incorporating social media management. More traffic coming in from SEO means more leads.

Month no. 6

From this point on, the focus on SEO activities often involve creating more content and marketing it as creatively as possible.

Do note that work doesn’t stop here, and you need to keep the ball rolling with a healthy SEO budget. Although your investments are in for the long haul, SEO is the coolest marketing technique that comes with one of the best ROIs for your business today.