Efficient Blogger or SEO

How to be More Efficient as a Blogger or SEO

When you read about SEO or blogging, the word efficiency doesn’t often come into it. Generally we tend to think of efficiency as ‘energy efficiency’ and to associate it with ecoconsciousness far more than running a website.

However what’s important to recognise is that running a website or doing SEO means that you’re a businessman (or woman) and that you’re trying to make profit – and any good businessman will tell you that efficiency is absolutely crucial to that.

The way that any business makes money is to provide value (usually in the form of a product or service) and to then charge a premium for that. Of course it costs the company money to create this value, but the profit is what’s left over once the service or product has been sold and that expense has been accounted for.

So if you become more efficient that will mean that you can do less work and use fewer materials in order to create the same amount of value. You can charge the same amount, but as the expense will be less you’ll keep more profit. And better yet, you’ll also have more time at the end of it all to spend doing the things you enjoy.

But you don’t use any materials really as a webmaster or a SEO… so how do you go about becoming more efficient? Read on…


While a blogger or SEO doesn’t need to invest in any particular tools or materials (other than their computers and software) they will nevertheless invest a lot in terms of time as they spend hours writing content, designing websites and contacting bloggers.

The first way to become more efficient then would be to increase the speed with which you write. If you could write an article twice as quickly for example, then you could write twice as many and fill your site up with twice as much content/serve twice the number of clients for your SEO work.

To do this you would need to get better at working without distraction, or to invest in better software. If you don’t already have a content management system to help you upload and organise new posts on your site, then that’s something that is very much worth investing in.


As an SEO or webmaster you should know by now that ‘content is king’. This is what people come to your site for (or your clients’ sites) and so it’s your most valuable asset. If you want to become more efficient then, you could find ways to get more out of your writing.

How might you do that? Well one example is to recycle and to reuse your writing. This is something that many webmaster believe to be impossible due to Google’s strict rules about duplicate content: but who said anything about Google? If you’ve written countless articles for your website then you can’t use them on another website and you can’t sell them, but you could re-use them in other ways. For instance if you have a site that’s filled with content and gets regular traffic, then you could always take that content and then repackage it as an ebook to sell on the Kindle store. Or you could use it to create an informative app for the Android Play Store/iTunes store.

And what’s also important is that you never let any of your content go to waste. Say you’ve written some articles for an SEO client – rather than sending them and then deleting the content you should keep those articles on an external harddrive. The reason for this is that you never know when you might be able to use them again – wait five years (if you plan to be in the game that long) and you might find that the sites they were posted on and your clients no longer exist – at which point you’re free to use them again.

Likewise you should never delete content that you think you don’t need. If you write a bad paragraph you may be tempted to delete it, but instead keep it to one side. It may just be that it works better in another article or that it’s suitable for a different client.

Let nothing go to waste and hone your craft, your site and your profit will benefit from it.