Online Marketing

How to Drastically Improve Your Online Marketing by Thinking Bigger

The jobs of an SEO or social media marketing expert are very different from that of a conventional marketing expert. If you were hired as the head of marketing for CocaCola or even for Google for that matter, your job would have very little in common with what you do currently on a day to day basis. This is odd considering that you probably classify yourself as a marketer at the moment and that most people would think the two jobs to be relatively synonymous. It’s especially weird if you think that a lot of that ‘conventional’ marketing is done online these days. The question you should be asking yourself then, is what do those professionals do differently, and what can you learn from them that will benefit your own site promotion efforts?

Think Bigger

Well ultimately the big difference is probably that you spend most of your time churning out articles and e-mails, while they will be travelling to tradeshows and creating huge ‘campaigns’. They will tend to think bigger and come up with strategies that take into account multiple factors, where your goal will probably be more to ‘chip away’ at the web until you get noticed by Google and start to see a snowball effect.

But there are a lot of ways that the two can crossover, and by taking thinking a bit bigger with your SEO and social media campaigns you can see a far bigger effect of your hardwork and really take your site into the stratosphere. Read on to see how you can do that…


A good example is to create a competition for your site. This is something that many companies will use to promote themselves, but few websites really take advantage of.

Rather than just posting another article link to Facebook/Google+ then, try posting a link to a contest where your visitors can win a free trip abroad, or a free iPad. If you do that and you make the challenge fun, then you’ll find you get a lot more notice and a lot more free links as people spread the word about this great opportunity. This is a great form of link baiting that will help you to create a lot of new links without lifting a finger.

Taking it to the Next Level

But if you leave it at that then you’re still thinking as an SEO or social media marketer. Just building links shouldn’t be the be all and end all of your strategies, and instead you should think about taking it to the next level…

For instance, in order to give away a great prize, you could consider starting a partnership with another company. Want to give away free iPads as your prize? Then get in touch with a few local electronics vendors and see if any of them will partner with you. By doing so, they will get a lot of exposure on your site while you will be able to increase the value of the prize and will probably get promotion through their channels. Right away you’ve doubled or tripled the effectiveness of that competition.

And likewise you shouldn’t just post your links on social media, this again is rather short sighted. By creating a competition with a great prize, you’ve created an opportunity for people that media outlets will probably want to share. As such you can write to magazines and other websites and you will probably find that they’re willing to give you free coverage for the benefit of their readers. Don’t be afraid to write press releases, to pick up the phone and to generally push yourself.

Another way you can get more out of this is to then use the entries that you collect. For instance if you make the challenge a writing one, then you can publish the top twenty articles and you’ll that way get a lot of free content. You might even find that in doing so, you get free links from those writers who want to show off the fact that their work is now published on a reputable site: its perfect link bait.

So in other words then a contest is not one opportunity for your site – it’s twenty, and the same goes for almost every other form of online promotion. Think bigger, see the angles and let your site soar.