SEO Copywriting Results

How To Ensure Your SEO Copywriting Results In Higher Rankings

Did you know that Google actually ‘reads’ the content in your website? Those days when you could simply fill up a page of with keywords and wait for it to be ranked on Google are over. Today, Google actually takes the time to search for quality content and then rank it accordingly. Professional website copies are also essential to make a good first impression. Imagine visiting a website with horrible written copy, you will always remember it as “that website which has bad copy.”

If the first impression is created correctly, you will never have to worry about such issues. You need to understand content optimization for SEO is important, after all, it is not a very difficult concept to comprehend. However, the process of keeping your prospective visitors satisfied and getting good traffic simultaneously is also not easy. Here are five important tips to keep in mind when optimizing content for your website and allow it to be ranked higher in major search engines.

Promote your own content


One of the ways to get boosted rapidly in your desired search engines is to promote your own content. Do not expect that all your viewers will read the articles you wrote (no matter how excellent it is written) and naturally share them. As social media constantly develops, you should take some time to figure out which platforms best suit your business and use them to promote your content.

Optimize your titles and meta descriptions

Titles play an essential role in helping search engines understand your page better. You should keep it short and simple but still be able to represent your main topic well. Although including targeted keywords within your titles is a smart move, you should do that sparingly. Additionally, your meta description needs to be optimized to receive more click-through-rates. Your meta description should have around 150 characters for best results.

Format your content properly

Other than being useful, meaningful and valuable, your content must also be well-formatted. It is pertinent that your texts look good for both your readers and search engines such as Google. No one likes to read a messy pile of words that were probably designed without care. It is definitely worth it to invest some of your budget to hire a professional copywriting team to help ensure your words are good looking. If not, below are some of the top considerations to follow if you write on your own:

• Remember to use heading tags

• Bold important information and use italics wherever necessary

• Only use fonts that allow easy reading

• Short paragraphs are often better for readers

Avoid content that is too short

Short paragraphs should never be confused with having too little content. The length of your articles affects its quality and ranking. If you want your website to rank in the top 10 range on search engines, the average content length of your website should be at least 500 words. This differs by popular opinion but the number we have given is a safe bet to follow.

The copywriting tips above may sound basic but they are extremely useful. If you study your competitors carefully, you will notice that some of your top competitors use some of the tips that are mentioned earlier for their own website. If you want to get ahead of the competition online, it’s time you talk to us at PenTech Consulting!