SEO Recommendations

How To Get Your SEO Recommendations Implemented In 2016

In the recent past, you have come to understand that SEO can be adopted as an effective online marketing strategy for your company. You have learnt about its various benefits such as increasing traffic, bettering ROI, increasing site usability, and etc. Unfortunately, your SEO recommendations seem to have fallen on deaf ears and have not been implemented in your company. Here are some tips to help you convince your partners and employees to fully embrace and implement your SEO recommendations.

Educate your company on the benefits of SEO

It is pertinent that you educate all the C-level executives and appropriate stakeholders in your organization on the importance and usefulness of SEO services. You should lay out the strategies and tactics you plan to use, and explain with clarity on how each of them will impact your company’s campaigns and contribute to increased return on investment.

It also helps to have case studies on hand to demonstrate how your recommendations can increase conversions, visibility and traffic. This helps to build trust, especially if your company is new to SEO. When you make them understand that SEO can generate more revenue and leads, they will be more inclined to follow your recommendations of implementing it.

You may also want to keep an active look-out for an internal champion in your company that understands the value of SEO as well. They can help you fight and get your recommendations heard.

Learn how to handle difficult partners and overcome internal politics

You will need to be prepared to face regulatory constraints and internal politics that may put your SEO recommendations on hold. There will always be yellow flags and frustrations along the way. For instance, when a developer in your company tells everyone that JavaScript redirects should be used instead of your recommended solution and 302 redirects are better than 301 redirects.

Before this happens, always ensure that you document all your recommendations and have technical resources on hand, so you can refer your company to them whenever necessary. In addition, a backup of trusted resources is another must-have to be able to educate and show your company how easy it is to make changes in the content management system.

Resources, responsibilities, roles and limitations

When you are working with a team to improve your company’s SEO capabilities, you should discuss the responsibilities and roles of each party first. You will want to ensure that they have the resources to implement what you are recommending. You will want to make sure that they are familiar with implementing on-page recommendations, URL changes and so on across different platforms.

To make things easier, you can consider breaking your recommendations down by business impact and priority. You will want to concentrate on the items that have major impacts on conversions, visibility and traffic. Certain implementations that are considered as nice-to-haves don’t need to be done first.

Before commencing your SEO implementations, you will to find out if there are any problems with the current technology your company is using. From there, you can make the necessary changes and see if there is a workaround to these pain points.

It is vital that you plan and put the necessary steps and procedures in place to ensure that your recommendations get implemented faster. Above all, you will want to show that your company has a better chance of hitting its key performance indicators consistently, with the help of SEO!