How to Use Your Unique Skills to the Benefit of Your SEO

Most internet entrepreneurs and webmasters these days think that they know what SEO is all about. It’s about contacting bloggers to get links, it’s about doing on-site SEO to make your site more appealing to Google and it’s about writing lots of content for yourself and others.

In general this view of SEO is not wrong – and those are indeed the ‘pillars’ of search optimisation that will take up the majority of your time. However it is certainly incorrect to presume that that’s all your SEO is going to involve or all that it can involve – and if you aren’t particularly partial to writing e-mails or creating content then you shouldn’t worry: there are all kinds of other ways to do SEO and to boost your site and you can fall back on a range of other skills.

Here we are going to look at some much more unique ways to approach SEO that are probably a bit different from what you have learned up until now, and we are going to examine how you can make the most of your particular skills no matter what those might be.

Guest Posting Turned Upside Down

One of the reasons that SEO tends to involve a lot of writing is that it involves creating ‘guest posts’. Essentially guest posts are articles and blog posts that you write for other websites, and then give away in exchange for a link that goes in the bottom of the article. Here you get something out of the deal – the link – and the blog owner or the site owner gets something out of the deal too: free content for Google to index and their readers to enjoy.

But there are problems with this strategy. The first of those problems is that it requires you to be good at writing: if English isn’t your first language or you just never took to it at school, then you’re going to struggle to offer something of a professional grade that the best blogs would be happy to publish.

The other problem is that too many people are doing it: most site owners will receive tons of offers to write guest posts and will have a lot to choose from. They don’t want to inundate their site with content written by other people, so it’s going to be tough for you to stand out and get noticed.

So why not offer something different entirely…?


One example of something different you can offer is an infographic. If you have a good idea for a topic and some basic design skills, then this is a great option that you can offer to site owners and bloggers that will be hard for them to get elsewhere. Infographics when done well give an immediate ‘info-dump’ that a lot of readers appreciate for its speed, and at the same time look engaging and professional and add something different to a website. If you offer an infographic, then you will stand out more and you will have more leverage and you won’t have to spend all your time writing.

This is relatively common though a lot less so than guest posting, but it’s also only one of a million options. For instance, another great option you could offer a website could be a quiz – such as a ‘Are You Too Old for Clubbing’ quiz to go on a dating site or a ‘Which Friends Character Are You?’ to go on a site about sitcoms or psychology. This will add something completely unique to that website that they probably won’t have been offered before and it gives you a chance to use your coding skills a little. Plus, once you have a template it’s very quick to create new quizzes.

Alternatively head over the website you’re targeting and take a look at what they need. If their banner is a bit lame, then you could design them a new one and show it to them (with a watermark of course) with the promise that you’ll deliver it in exchange for a link. You could even create an opener for their videos, or a new background for their site. Think about your skills and their needs – once those things meet you’ll have them eating out of your hands.