Shaping Digital Market Strategy

Important Statistics To Remember When Shaping Digital Market Strategy

Digital marketing or advertising has now overtaken TV advertising – more money is now being spent on digital advertising than TV advertising. In terms of cost however, digital ads are becoming much costlier than traditional ads, costing 71 percent. With digital marketing and advertising costing more, it makes more sense for businesses to strategize how they will make use of this form of marketing in order to maximize its benefits.

Financial Brand has gathered several important statistics that businesses and digital marketers should keep in mind when they are crafting their next digital marketing strategy. Here are 10 of

1. What Kind of Ads Work?

Display ads are said to have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.06%, which is much lower than that of native ads. Native ads have more than double CTR of 0.33% for mobile and 0.16% for desktop.

Native ads also perform better than banner ads. According to Hubspot, these types of ads get 53% more views than the standard banner ads.

2. How Important is Mobile Marketing?

With smartphones and other advancements in mobile technology, browsing the World Wide Web is done on more mobile devices nowadays compared to desktops. More and more people are going online and performing searches using their mobile phones and devices.

There has also been quite a significant increase in online spending due mainly to mobile marketing: from 4% in 2010, to a whopping 21% in recent years.

Websites nowadays also need to consider responsive web design. A website that works well on desktop, mobile and other devices is essential since mobile users are said to abandon a mobile site that they have problems accessing the first time and go with a competitor site that loads faster instead.

3. Is Content Marketing Worth It?

Smart Insights says that content marketing is THE digital strategy preferred by marketers these days. It is also said to be the best method in generating leads for future sales.

With blog posts as the most common form of content marketing, HubSpot cites that businesses that publish more than 16 blog posts a month get 3.5 times more traffic on their sites compared to businesses who only come up with 4 posts or less.

Demand Metric on the other hand notes how much more leads are generated by content marketing in terms of per dollar spent, which equates to 3 times as many leads.

4. What Makes For Effective Social Media Marketing?

Now more than ever, social media plays a big part in a buyer’s decision to spend their hard-earned money on a product. According to Deloitte, customers are likely to spend significantly more on a product that has a social component, than one without.

Social media platforms because of its nature also lends well to visual content advertising or the use of images. HubSpot says that visual content, especially those that have great appeal, are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media.

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