Vroom – Sardos

Making A Website Go Vroom – Sardos Automotive

Job Type: Complete Website Redesign & Development

Client Name: Sardos Automotive – http://sardosautomotive.com/

Software & Technologies Used:  Wordpress, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw

Mr. Sardos from Sardos Automotive could ensure the cars that he worked on went as fast as they could by ensuring everything from the engine to the electricals worked smoothly.  But he couldn’t do the same for his website and that is when he turned to us. Our brief was to revamp the website so that it was quicker to load, had easy access to content publication & be fully optimized for improved search engine rankings.


With the new, greater emphasis placed on responsive website & fast load times by search engines including Google, it was imperative that our web developers achieved the maximum possible speed from the website. Using caching, image compression & a modern platform like WordPress, our web experts were able to achieve these goals. By ensuring the website was responsive, the site was accessible to a wider audience who could have been possibly visiting the website via a mobile devices during an emergency.

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