Our Company

Who we are

PenTech Consulting was founded primarily as an SEO company with the goal of making SEO and web development simple and straightforward – a goal that we’re very happy to say we’re delivering on. At PenTech we offer a highly professional quality service that makes you as the client our priority. We’ve been in the business for several years now and in that time we’ve helped many businesses to develop a web presence that they can be proud of. With a proven track record we’re now recognized as one of the leading organizations in SEO and web design. Despite being so well-renowned though, we have managed to keep our prices down and offer some of the most competitive packages available.

Why choose us

So we’ve established you need SEO for your business, so why should that SEO be from PenTech?

PenTech Consulting have been in the industry for several years now and in that time we’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours to reach their goals. We work hard, we don’t take shortcuts and we do it all for the most competitive prices on the net. Furthermore, when you use our services you also get to benefit from our ‘full transparency’ policy – you’ll receive monthly reports on precisely what work we’ve done for you so you know where your money’s going and so you can see the results. Unlike many other SEO companies we offer full disclosure because we know you’ll be happy with our work.