Outdated SEO Concepts That Some People Still Think Are Relevant

Despite the evolution of SEO over the years, the concepts mentioned below have a way of sticking around. There are tons of misconceptions about SEO out there and the sad fact is that many people – website owners or not – continue to believe in them. It’s about time some of those misconceptions get addressed.

Copying a competitor’s actions

Many companies have the mentality that if their competitors do something, then it’s worth doing. This goes for businesses that are in the same geographical location, or competitors with a higher ranking. Every business has that one competitor that they’d like to outdo and this can actually lead to bad choices that are hardly researched or even planned. The alternate solution here is to listen to feedback provided by your SEO consultant and use it to improve your SEO.

Losing traffic means you are penalized

This mentality probably arises from the fact that the media always get extravagantly involved in SEO when there are penalties. The truth is that there are many reasons for penalties, including URL changes, failure to update the corporate index card and more. It’s always important to look into your website and identify which part of it lost traffic. For example, it could be social media, paid search or organic search. If nothing has changed much on your site, don’t be quick to assume that you are slapped with a penalty.

The number of back links equals your ranking

This misconception has been debunked so many times, but some people still think that ranking is solely determined by the total number of back links. While they play an important role in rankings, links are not the only determinant factors. Other factors include social data, relevance of content to the query, personalization, local news and more. Focus not only on improving your links, but also on a market strategy that encourages visitors to click on those links and engage them with a lifelong evangelism of your website.

Duplicate content can attract a penalty

For starters, not many know the meaning of duplicate content and how it can be fixed. Even more important is that most think that duplicate content can attract penalties. This is not true, unless the entire site is a copy of someone else’s website. Sure, it is a hindrance to the performance of a site, but it’s unlikely that a penalty is given by Google simply because of one web page on your site that has some chunks of duplicate content.

We live in a bubble and often forget that important information like the ones outlined above shouldn’t be taken for granted. And things usually stay fine until your website fumbles into a wrong step and the next thing you know, you have lost traffic. You blame it on the wrong reasons, and the result is that what you know doesn’t help you fix your problem. Educating yourself about current SEO information can help you turn your optimization efforts around. Yes, having knowledge is powerful, but remember that having the wrong knowledge is a gun that backfires.

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