Tips for App Sell

Powerful Tips for Making an App Sell

Creating an app for mobile and tablets is a fantastic way to make money that potentially will give you huge returns from a small amount of up-front work and with no overheads. Imagine how good it would feel to be able to go to bed, then wake up the next day to see a hundred people had downloaded your app in the meantime. Or how amazing it would feel to watch reviews of people enjoying your mobile game. Or to be contacted by a big company like Samsung because they want to buy your app…

It’s all possible, and few methods of making money online have the potential to be quite as exciting as releasing an app this way.

But of course it’s also more than possible that this won’t happen – that you’ll spend hours labouring over an app only to get approximately zero downloads. Or that you’ll get a few bad reviews that will really crush your spirit and your sales.

If you want to make an app sell then you need to be smart about coming up with a good business model and marketing strategy – it’s not just about creating a great app. Here are some tips that can help you turn your app into a great hit.

The Right Name and Concept

Success in marketing your app will begin with deciding on what you want your app to be about and how you’re going to name it. Specifically, this means choosing a niche and title for your app that is going to be highly searchable and highly in demand. Choose a subject matter that’s popular but doesn’t yet have a lot of opposition in the market place, or find a smart way to add a feature that everyone wants to their phone but currently can’t be done. One way to do this is to think what the closest compromise you can offer is. You may not be able to make their phone free for instance, but you could maybe let them send ‘texts’ over a server – is probably how the idea for WhatsApp came about…

The Right Pricing

Next you need to try altering your price which can have a big impact on sales. A high price will earn you more per download but might put some people off of making a purchase. On the other hand, a low price can get you a bulk load of downloads, but won’t earn you much each time someone makes a purchase.

What’s also worth noting is that there is a big benefit to altering your price. Put your price up for a while, then suddenly drop the price as an easy way to get featured on lots of sites and apps that list bargains.

Advertising and SEO

Webmasters use advertising and SEO to make sure people can find their websites, but this strategy can also work just as effectively for apps. For instance if you want to make money from an app that isn’t selling that well, you can try creating a landing page where you sing its praises, and then use SEO in order to drive traffic to that landing page. Many people will find out about new apps while they’re at the computer!

Try to Get Press Coverage

The best way to help your apps to sell is to get coverage from a website, blog or magazine. This can help you to get your app seen by thousands of viewers which in turn can result in a huge increase in downloads and purchases.

The difficulty is getting your app to stand out and get mentioned when these editors no doubt get messaged by a lot of hopefully developers on a regular basis. So what do you do?

Well what can really help is to approach people at a similar ‘level’ to you. You might struggle to get your app covered by Wired for instance, but if you can get mentioned by someone on YouTube who reviews lots of apps that might be just as useful a way to get coverage. And this can then lead to further coverage from even bigger sources.

No app is a failure then, it’s just about giving it the right push…