Random Tips to Consider That May Give Your Site a Boost

When running a website there are countless things you need to do on a regular basis. The work of a webmaster is never done, and you are likely to spend a huge amount of time simply maintaining your site, uploading new content, redesigning your banner, promoting yourself on social media and responding to comments.

In fact, there’s so much work that needs to be done on a regular basis on a website, that it can be easy to get bogged down with those things and to miss the opportunities to expand and to improve your site in a more significant way. There are many things you could be doing right now that in theory could help to really boost your site – you’re just too busy getting guest posts to think of them.

Here then are some random tips to consider and try that might just take your site to the next level. Give them a god when you get a moment!

Upload an App to the Windows Store

Uploading an app to any mobile platform is a great way to help more people discover your site and to extend your service and your product in a new way. One of the downsides to this of course though, is that there’s an awful lot of competition and it’s quite hard these days to get noticed.

One solution then is to release an app on the Windows Store instead. This is a relatively smaller store meaning there’s much less competition out there, but it’s rapidly gaining users. Microsoft are also very eager to promote their stores, so if you upload something good then you might find you get some easy exposure. Something to think about!

Convert Your Pages to PHP

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext pre-processor and is a scripting language that runs on servers before showing the output to your browser. If you make a few changes to your server, then you can get it to treat your HTML pages as PHP, and if you then put your HTML in an echo tag it will look the exact same.

Now though you will have given yourself much more power to do interesting things with your site. You could get it to show a different colour scheme depending on the time of day that your visitors are visiting your pages for instance, or you could let your users choose the size of font they want and set the colour scheme themselves. You could even create your own ‘ad network’ showing randomly generated adverts for products you own rather than AdSense. Use your imagination – this is a potentially powerful addition.

Add Facebook Comments

If your site doesn’t already have comments then that’s something you should add right away to give your visitors more reason to come back. Facebook comments are great because they’re very easy to implement, and because users will already have a username and password rather than having to set one up especially for your site.

Create a ‘Sister Site’

Having more than one site has a lot of advantages, it allows you to write about different topics for instance when you aren’t feeling motivated to write in your main niche, it allows you to promote both sites from the other site, and it lets you take advantage of different marketing opportunities as they arise.

Create a CMS

If your site isn’t a WordPress site, then you may not already have a CMS. CMS stands for ‘Content Management System’ and is essentially a tool for uploading and editing content on your site quickly and easily rather than having to manually edit each page. The best of these can save you hours and avid unfortunate mistakes so it’s well worth investing the time into getting one – or better yet, creating your own with PHP.