Boost Your SEO

Start The Year Right By Using Social Media To Boost Your SEO!

SEO and SMO are two close-knitted strategies. Both are focused on building an appealing identify for your brand to attract organic visitors. Studies have shown that having a strong social media presence can significantly increase your search rankings. If you are looking for ways to start your year right, SEO is an important aspect of the aforementioned that can receive a boost at any time.

Share your content with the right target audience

Today, getting your content shared is not enough. You have to get your content shared to your target audience. In social media, targeting the right audience is just as important as how you do it for SEO. You will first want to define your audience and then write down all the information you can think of about them.

Try your best to be specific with their profession, age, race and gender. The more information you can think of, the better. The trick is to cast a wider net by having up to at least four different target audiences that you can message at different times.

When you are able to reach the right potential customers and clients, you can save more money on people who are not interested in what you have to offer. Remember that impressions is not all that matter. Clicks, stumbles, +1s, likes, reshares, retweets and favorites are the interactions you need as they are likely to also contribute to SEO value.

Increase the amount of external inbound links

Social media is a useful tool that can help encourage other sites to link to your content. When you earn more diverse external links, your site will gain more authority. However, your site needs high-quality, authoritative content before than can happen. You will need them to attract links, improve your social reputation and maximize your potential external link sources.

Get more people to follow you

If you want your site rankings to improve significantly, you will have to increase the number of followers that follow your company’s social media profiles. You will have to ensure, at all costs, that these followers are organic. Otherwise, nothing much is going to happen for your overall rankings if you buy proxy followers. As long as you consistently grow your following, it does not matter if the process is slow. Present your brand uniquely and in a consistent manner, and use the same voice to update and communicate with your users on a daily basis.

Encourage social sharing

Just like external links, social sharing can contribute to your brand’s authority too. If Google finds a verifiable external source that validates your content or brand, you set yourself on the right path of improving your domain’s authority. You can start by doing interactive surveys with your users and get them to like a post if they agree with you on a topic.

In addition, you can also offer some rewards to the users who share your post, for instance, sharing your post is like dropping an “entry” to a lucky draw and users stand to win a substantial prize if they are lucky. Social sharing has a self-perpetuating cycle in which your content continually gets shared and you win more followers. When you have more followers, the more shares you will get and the pattern continues.

To use social media platforms to your advantage and to enhance your web design and SEO efforts, do work with us to achieve the best results online!