Jobs Obsolete

Things That Could One Day Make Our Jobs Obsolete – The End of SEO and Blogging?

SEO and blogging are jobs that didn’t exist a couple of decades ago, and it’s amazing really to think that it’s now possible to make a living from just sitting at home and typing. Still though, if these jobs didn’t exist that long ago, that leaves one to wonder: how long will they be around for? We all know that technological progress can end up stealing jobs, but what about jobs that were created by technological progress? Are they safe or are they all the more at risk?

If SEO and blogging were to disappear and stop being viable ways to make money, then the best thing we could possibly do would be to be prepared. By recognising this possibility in advance and coming up with a contingency plan, we could ensure that we aren’t left destitute by social change and that we can adapt. While it’s a bit morbid then to think about the end of blogging and SEO, it’s also smart to spend some time considering it. Read on to see whether SEO and blogging will ever be obsolete, and what we could do to survive.


While we’re a little way away from it happening, one of the most devastating things that could hit our industry would be AIs that had the ability to write articles. Imagine an article spinner that actually worked and that could take in information and regurgitate it to be read online in a unique and engaging format. If such a program existed, then you would no longer be able to sell articles online or trade them as guest posts, and you would no longer be able to sell them for SEO purposes. If a site owner wanted to give away an article with a backlink then they could just get their AI to write them one and that way build unlimited backlinks.

And if such an AI were to exist, then it would be capable of much more than just delivering articles on demand. The great thing about computers and software is that they work incredibly quickly, they never need to rest and they can handle multiple jobs simultaneously. In other words, you wouldn’t even have to ‘order’ the articles from your AI, it could publish hundreds at a time all around the web without any input from you.

Ultimately this would result in the internet quickly increasing exponentially in size, and eventually becoming ‘full’ of writing. Search engines wouldn’t be able to distinguish the ‘real’ content from the auto-generated content and it would be almost impossible to stand out as a blogger…

So what could you do to protect yourself in this scenario? Well for one, you could try focussing on topics and genres that couldn’t be generated – comedy for instance, or breaking news. Likewise you could offer services as a proof reader, or you could learn to program and start selling algorithms for smarter software.

The Demise of Google

Another big change that would hit SEOs and bloggers hard would be the demise of Google. Currently SEO is pretty much based on making sites more visible in Google, and without Google there this would of course be more difficult. Would people still pay for SEO services? And could bloggers still find ways to make their sites visible?

Presumably, if Google was ever to perish, then they would leave a hole that would have to be filled by other search engines and that would just be a matter of adapting to new algorithms. But what if no search engine became as popular as Google? In that case you would need to rely on other methods of marketing such as social media marketing and advertising in magazines. This is something you should be doing anyway: if your eggs are all in one Google-shaped basket then you’re tempting fate and it’s likely to end badly.

But Google isn’t just a search engine – they also own AdSense which is how most bloggers make their money. Thus you’d also need to find other ways to monetise your site which might mean selling an eBook or an app or even an e-course. The adaptable bloggers and SEOs would survive – ultimately it would be survival of the fittest…