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Top e-Commerce Trends In 2017

Top e-Commerce Trends In 2017 That Will Influence Digital Marketing

Running a successful e-Commerce website is not just about getting and increasing sales. Effective digital marketing goes hand in hand with maintaining responsive e-Commerce websites, because it keeps your customers happy and brings you more business.

However, when your market is close to saturation point, the next logical step is to expand your reach to other markets. Before you do this, consider these recent e-Commerce trends to keep you and your digital marketing strategy informed.

Asian Markets, Especially China, Are The Next Big Thing

When e-Commerce boomed, the United States was at the forefront of its growth. These days, e-Commerce is no longer just the domain of small retailers but has become very big business. The market however, according to Smart Insights, is starting to plateau as competition becomes tighter.

Asian markets, especially one as big as China, are only starting to grow. Growth predictions for e-Commerce in China for example talk about a twofold increase in sales from now until 2019. This is equivalent to about $1 trillion dollars in just a span of 3 years. While this may be very attractive for those eyeing expansion to these developing markets, there are several important things a business needs to consider. Aside from ensuring a smooth back-end for shipping and payments, additional attention must be given to getting the pulse of local markets and local language content marketing

Seamless Mobile To Desktop Experience Matters

Mobile users are growing in strength – in fact, web browsing on mobile is now said to be greater than on desktop. For e-Commerce sales however, desktop still accounts for the bulk of the revenues. It looks like potential customers make use of their mobiles more for gathering information about a product before making a purchase, which is likely made on a desktop.

What does this mean for your digital marketing strategy? Smart Insights recommends not to abandon mobile marketing altogether because it is still important in getting revenues. While providing a “brilliant mobile user experience” may push some customers to purchase on mobile, for big ticket items, what is important is “a seamless experience across devices so users can browse on mobile and convert on desktop.”

Content Marketing Needs To Be Exceptional

With the rise of content marketing as the hottest trend in marketing came the exponential growth of content online, content that needs to be consumed in order for it to be effective. An expert has already warned about content shock, or the phenomenon when consumers can no longer absorb all the content that is available.

To combat content shock and to attract more consumers to read your content, you would need to focus on coming up with exceptional content. Exceptional usually means well-researched and data-backed content, which makes it more effective and relevant to your consumers.

Because of the associated costs of content marketing, you may also take a step back and evaluate your marketing strategy. Smart Insights recommends a 70:20:10 model, which allocates the amount of time you need to spend on the type of content marketing: 70% on effective content, 20% on innovative content and 10% on high risk but big returns projects.

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