Link Building Ideas

Top Link Building Ideas For Your Daily SEO Routine

When it comes to building backlinks, it is not always as hard or time consuming as it seems. For starters, it is useful to note that having a healthy backlink profile is vital to your site’s overall search performance. Major search engines like Google consider both the quality and quantity of your site’s backlinks, to assess its authority, credibility and importance. That’s right, these factors influence your site’s search ranking. Hence, it is pertinent that you learn how to build and use SEO backlinks effectively to ensure your success in the SEO arena.

Create solid case studies on your products and services

case study

For starters, a good backlink building tactic is to ask your clients to feature a solid case study on one or more of the services and/or products your company offers. With that in mind, sit down and consider which of your projects have been the most successful and have made a genuine impact on your client’s bottom line. When your clients are creating the needed case studies, make sure that they use real numbers and real results. Your case study can also be structured like so:

• Lay out the challenges faced by your customer

• Discuss the solution that had been proposed

• Show how useful was the solution as well as the results it produced

Once the case study is ready, have your client feature it on their website and utilize a branded link back to your website.

Use your site’s images to create link building opportunities

If the bulk of images found on your website are your own copyrighted images, chances are that other websites may have utilized them without your knowledge or consent. If this is a huge concern to you, you can consider asking for attribution in the way of a backlink, as opposed to sending notices of intent to prosecute the offending party.

If the case of your images being co-opted by another site is true, try to find the contact information of the other site’s webmaster by reviewing WHOIS information, website contact form or social media accounts. When you do find usable contact information (like an email address), proceed to send the webmaster a note and politely ask for an attribution link. This is an option you can offer to them if they have intentions to continue using your image.

Create a LinkedIn profile for your company

LinkedIn profile

There are many benefits when you create a LinkedIn profile for your business. You can use the profile to tell your company’s story, highlight specialty services and products, engage with loyal customers and followers, drive word-of-mouth at a bigger scale, and ultimately, get a backlink to your site.

Create your own Google+ local listing

If you own a Google My Business account, you can start creating links with DoFollow tags. With this, you can specify to the search engines to follow the link. Also, the ability to create Google+ local listings will help you gain higher visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). If you run a business that has one or more physical office/store locations, make sure that you create a local page for each store or office. Lastly, don’t forget to optimize your descriptions and headlines with proper keywords (like how you did it for your website), and then include a link to your site in the description.