Magento eCommerce Store

Top Tips For Maintaining A Magento eCommerce Store

It’s a fact that eCommerce is becoming more widespread today because more consumers are exploring the benefits of online shopping as they led fast-paced lifestyles these days. It’s not sufficient for businesses to simply design and launch an eCommerce store without knowing how to maintain it. As Magento is often regarded as one of the most commonly used platforms for running online stores, we will address the points on how to maintain a Magento to ensure your business success online. What you need to know, at the very least, is a handful of search engine optimization (SEO) tips for your Magento website.

Don’t ignore the meta fields

One of the very first things you have to do is to fill in the meta fields for your eCommerce site. Just log into the backend of your Magento site and by relying on a good use of keywords, fill in those default meta fields with interesting text to position your website as a desirable place to shop at.

Content is always king

SEO content

The common saying that ‘content is king’ is apt for application here because of the emphasis that popular search engines such as Google places on content. Besides writing good content for your sales pages and product descriptions, you should always go one step further and provide other useful information in the form of content to your users. For example, if you are selling shoes, guides on how to buy shoes, information on different shoe sizes across regions, and blog posts on shoe trends will all add value to what you are providing to your potential customers.

Never reuse your content for product descriptions

Especially when you have many items for sale, you might be tempted to reuse your product descriptions and just make small tweaks here and there to present them as product descriptions. This is not a good strategy and will hurt your Magento website. Always write unique product descriptions as that will help your website rank better.

Remember to enable Google Sitemap

Remember to make sure that you have enabled the use of Google Sitemap for your website. For those who are making constant changes to your website such as adding new products, you also have to make sure that the latest version of Google Sitemap is enabled for your site so that this helps Google to read your website better.

Use Magento extensions to your advantage

One of the most important things you have to do as an eCommerce website owner is to provide the best user experience for your potential customers when they arrive at your online store. To enhance this experience, a convenient way out is to select useful Magento extensions that you can install to make your store into a space where your customers love shopping at. If your customers stay on your site and pages for longer, you will receive a host of benefits such as low bounce rate as well as more social media pushes. All these will help your website achieve better exposure and in turn deliver more sales conversions.