Web Designer

Which Kind of Web Designer Are You?

Web designers are a particular bunch and we tend to have a number of things in common. But not every designer is completely alike and if you look closer you’ll find that there are subtle differences in the way that we work and in the reasons that we design in the first place. There are a number of ‘types’ of webmaster, and most of us will fit into at least one of these categories. Read on to discover which type of web designer you are…

The Technical Designer VS the Artist

My music teacher once explained that there were two types of musicians – artists and mathematicians. The mathematicians liked music due to its structure and order, and they liked the way that all the beats added up to particular rhythm. On the other hand, the artists like music as a form of self-expression and aren’t t concerned with doing things ‘by the book’. Mathematicians come from the head, artists come from the heart…

And the same can be said for web design. The technical individuals are the ones who test their web design on a hundred different monitors, who make sure that the pages load as quickly as possible, and who make sure that every graphical element on the page lines up perfectly. The artists on the other hand won’t worry quite so much about those smaller details, and will paint with broader strokes to try and create something that they like and that’s a bit unique.

There is no right or wrong answer, but recognise that the best sites are the result of both these things and by understanding where your tendencies lie you can improve your end product no end.

The Minimalist VS the Splurge

Minimalism is essentially the art of doing as much as possible with as little as you can. The mantra of the minimalist is ‘don’t decorate – communicate’ and when they create a website everything has a purpose. These sites feature lots of white and feel open and spacious. Generally minimalistic types will also be technical and mathematical in their approach.

The splurge on the other hand is like a hyperactive child in a sweetie shop. They see tons of things they like and that excite them and then throw all of that into their designs. These sites feature complicated looking wallpapers, drop down menus and sometimes even introductions and background music.

Of course it is a mistake to include too many features and if you do you will end up creating a site that just looks cluttered. Still though, the minimalist nevertheless has something to learn from the splurge – sometimes adding fun features is a great way to give a site a bit more personality and to make it a bit more fun to use.

The Borrower

Borrowers are web designers who are quite happy to borrow and reverse engineer elements for their site rather than to create them themselves. These guys will use stock images in order to decorate their articles, they will pay writers to write their articles and they will rewrite code for their various Javascript features. Being a borrower isn’t necessarily an entirely bad thing – in fact it can actually be an efficient and quick way to work from a business perspective. Just make sure that you have the rights to any materials you are using so that you don’t end up getting into trouble with the law or being forced to take things back down.

The Perfectionist

The perfectionist is the web designer who spends many hours on a single detail. If you have ever spent more than an hour creating a single button in PhotoShop then you are no doubt a perfectionist.

Of course the benefit of being a perfectionist is that your sites will tend to be perfect looking – and it is after all the small details that often make the biggest difference. The danger though of being a perfectionist is that you can end up spending so long on particular elements that you never end up actually finishing your website. Recognise that most websites are launched before they’re ‘complete’ and that you can continue editing your site once it’s live – using the feedback and reactions of visitors to make sure it’s really perfect.